律师已经递交29号庭审前最后一批文件PLAINTIFFS’ OPPOSITION TO MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT给法庭和被告,包括专家报告和原告事实陈述。

Here is our conclusion:

The Secretary cannot show that there is no genuine issue of material fact regarding her decision to certify I-1000. The evidence and analysis discussed above demonstrates a genuine issue regarding her compliance with the first step of the WAC-mandated process for sampling. The evidence also shows that she engaged in arbitrary and capricious decision making about how to proceed when problems were found in the signature population during sample review – first restarting, then the second time, continuing. Her decision to include sticker-covered sheets without any investigation of when stickers were attached compared to signatures is arbitrary and capricious, and because of the problems in the random sample, could have a drastic effect on the ultimate outcome.

The Secretary is undoubtedly not entitled to a grant of summary judgment in her favor. At a minimum, the Court must deny the secretary’s Motion. Given the evidence of shortcomings and errors in the Secretary’s treatment of I-1000 signature petitions, the Court could elect now to grant the statutory relief to Mr. Qiu and his co-plaintiffs, and issue a citation requiring the secretary of state to submit the petition to said court for examination.

感谢第2阶段捐款雇专家的各位,没有这钱,专家请不到呢!专家非常给力,有理有据的做出结论:州务卿没有按州法律的要求操作,所以没有理由依照法律签发I-1000认证。3/29我们的律师会与对方律师庭上对峙,要求法庭彻查I-1000签名。我们现在需要放眼3/29后的程序和费用了。ACE现在筹集第5阶段,3/29庭审之后的费用。目标两万必须提前到位。之后会进行很快,钱要先到位。捐款链接 https://aceus.org/donation

3月29日,上午9点 在华州首府Olympia开庭。欢迎大家到场支持。地址: 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Building 2, Olympia, WA 98502.

Please Support ACE Challenging I-1000

同时,大家有空请继续打电话主要给这几位议员:”I oppose I-1000, please let the People vote on it! Thank you!”

Steve Hobbs (44D) (360) 786-7686 Steve.Hobbs@leg.wa.gov

Kevin Van De Wege (24D) (360) 786-7646 Kevin.VanDeWege@leg.wa.gov

Annette Cleveland (49D) (360) 786-7696 Annette.Cleveland@leg.wa.gov

Christine Rolfes (23D) (360) 786-7644 Christine.Rolfes@leg.wa.gov

Curtis King (14R) (360) 786-7626 Curtis.King@leg.wa.gov




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